In recent years fishing from kayaks has become popular in both fresh and salt water, especially in warmer regions due to the ease of entry and exit from the water. Kayaks are much less expensive than boats and have the advantage of being easy to transport, have little maintenance costs, they can be stored in small spaces and launched quickly in your favourite fishing spot.

For those who have just bought their first kayak, or are thinking of it, our introductory kayak fishing classes give an interesting and relaxing insight in to the basic kayak skills and tips to make your fishing / kayaking trip fun & safe. Classes cover paddling strokes, weather/tides, safety equipment and how to use it, deep water re-entry, surf launchs and landings, towing and much more. Bring your own kayak or try one of ours. We can also supply Wilderness Systems sit on top angler kayaks to try on the water if you give us some notice.

Our Wilderness Systems sit on top angler kayaks offer special models for fishing that are designed and accessorised for this sport, including specially-designed hatches, built-in rod holders, catch bags and equipment mounts. Specially designed fishing kayaks usually have designs similar to those of recreational sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks characterized by wider beams (up to 32 inches) that increase lateral stability.