course-level3Our improvers sea kayaking course offers a step up in your skills, an introduction to more challenging sea conditions and certifies you to kayak safely and competently on moderate seas as a member of a group being led. This ICU level 3 course is geared towards people who already hold a Level 2 Irish Canoe Union sea kayaking certificate or have equivalent kayaking/canoeing experience.

The course is held over 2 days but there is a possibility that a pre course training day may be required depending on individual abilities. The course is designed to enable you to become a sufficiently proficient paddler to allow you take part in open sea kayaking expeditions.

Assessment will take place on the second day of the course and ICU certificates will be issued upon completion. Course Duration

2 Day weekend course 10am - 4.30pm.

Course Content

Level 2 Skills plus

  • Paddle competently in following winds, head winds and beams winds of up to force three.
  • Understanding the importance of weather as a factor in kayaking on the sea.
  • Sculling for support, sculling draw, high brace
  • Stern rudder, bow rudder, edging
  • Record and interpret a marine weather forecast
  • Paddling into, bracing and turning in small surf. (1 foot high)
  • Read a tide table to ascertain the time of high / low water.
  • Capsize Drill and deep water rescues.
  • Eskimo Rescue, eskimo roll
  • an understanding of staying with your boat in the event of a capsize at sea.
  • an understanding of the effects of the wind on the sea with particular reference to the danger of offshore winds andshow an understanding of what is meant by a leeshore, dumping surf, riptides and tide races.
  • Have an understanding of good control (i.e. responding to various signals and commands)
  • Be able to recognise several of the significant flora and fauna in the seashore environment.