The adventure race is becoming widely popular in Ireland and offers competitors the opportunity to cycle, climb, swim and kayak in Ireland’s most spectacular scenery without leaving any trace of the track or the effort involved in moving though these challenging terrains. Athletes who have years of swimming, running and cycling experience often find that a little skill, confidence and know-how on top of the water in a kayak can make the difference in the power/effort ratio that leads to improving performance and times in races.

You can make up time on the water by simply taking one paddling skills session with us. Mick has a life long interest in kayak racing himself and has sucessfully competed in short, middle and long distance kayaking events for well more than 20 years. offers a half-day intensive training programme which is aimed specifically at adventure racers who want to learn or improve their paddling skills. The programme will help you to develop a more efficient and powerful paddle stroke, your confidence on the water and, as there will be an opportunity to capsize, some instruction on how to avoid being in the water when you need to be on top of it! Forward paddle stroke, positioning, steering and efficiency are some of the techniques covered. The session will also provide you to take the ICU level 1 kayaking certificate which is often used as a gauge of kayak proficiency for adventure races.