Rockpool 'Alaw Bach' Sea Kayak - €3075

The appearance of the ALAW BACH is of a sleek, smooth and distinctive kayak; one that is built to glide easily through both the rough and smooth.The hull shape maintains good directional stability when moving but the flatter centre section and chined hull gives good manoeuvrability in confined spaces and tight turns. The ALAW BACH is designed to have neutral directional stability in most wind conditions and requires minimal use of the skeg. The bow has good shape and volume to maintain a dry ride through choppy conditions.

Similar to the ALAW, when paddling the ALAW BACH you really notice the dry the ride when paddling out from the beach through surf. The buoyant bow is nicely balanced with a fine stern to give a gentle ride over large, steep waves. The fine section in the stern also allows the ALAW BACH to accelerate nicely when catching a wave without the nose tending to bury. The ALAW BACH surfs well; it catches waves easily and then is responsive but forgiving when riding the wave.

The fullness of the centre section gives confident and predictable edging with high levels of stability even when under an extensive lean. As the boat is leaned the stern progressively lifts from the water, making the turn progressively easier and quicker. When combined with the hull chines this gives a smooth and fast turning boat.

Hull: Length: 17 feet 1 inch (5.21m) - Width: 21 inches (0.53m) – Volume: 325 litres