Rockpool 'Taran' Fast Touring Sea Kayak - €3325

The Taran is a fast sea kayak with easy and predictable handling in all conditions. The high volume bow gives a dry ride and maintains high speed through chop and rough conditions. The flattened U-shaped centre section ensures the fast hull is not compromised in terms of stability or manoeuvrability.

The Taran is fitted with the SmartTrack rudder system as standard; this further enhances the handling, giving easy and precise heading changes. Without the rudder deployed the Taran is designed to weather cock slightly and responds well to lean steering. The high front deck is designed to stay above the waves and to quickly shed any water that does make it over the bow. The large front compartment is accessed via a round hatch. Ahead of the cockpit is a small day hatch which allows storage for all of life’s little essentials. The rear compartment is fitted with a large oval hatch. There is a security locking point to the rear of the cockpit. All deck fittings are standard Rockpool recessed fittings.

Though the Taran has fast, sleek lines it actually has the largest volume in the Rockpool fleet (383 litres), so there is plenty of scope to carry all that camping kit. This boat is capable of sustaining 6mph over a long paddle.

Hull: Length 18 feet 0 inches (549 cm) – Width: 20.5 inches (52 cm) – Volume: 383 litres.