safety-firstCanoeing is the collective term used to describe a wide-ranging sport that encompasses competitive and non competitive forms of canoeing and kayaking. Non-competitive canoeing includes a number of kayaking and canoeing activities, based mainly on journeying and adventure. Powerful mountain rivers, tranquil lakes and spectacular coastlines all provide perfect environments for canoeists to enjoy their sport. Each environment demands a different set of skills and suits a slightly different type of craft. Canoeists and kayakers interested in competition can take part in numerous specialised competitive canoeing disciplines such as Canoe Slalom, Marathon Racing, Flat Water Racing, Freestyle and Canoe Polo.

You might find that some of your family are not interested in kayaking and it makes life easier if they can enjoy themselves while the paddlers go off and do their thing. Alternatively, make a holiday out of it and arrive with time to spare, make the most of your stay in the South East and take a few days to do a little bit more. Everything mentioned below is in within five or ten minutes drive from the beaches we paddle from.

Families with young children (approximate ages 0 – 7 years)

  • todo-garrisGo to the beach: On a sunny day the kids can play on the beaches we paddle from. Kilfarrasy, Garrarus, Kilmurrin and Tramore all offer wonderful beaches where kids can swim, play and splash around. If the weather is going to be fine bring a picnic (otherwise you’ll have to go in to Tramore for supplies) and the buckets and spades. Those with an adventurous streak and a net can catch crabs or little fish in the rock pools. Pack a beach umbrella, sun cream, sun hats and beach shoes because when it’s hot it’s really hot and there are no trees under which to shade (the beach umbrella also comes in handy when it’s raining!).

At your safety is our top priority:

  • questions-answeredWe operate at all times in line with Irish Canoe Union safety guidelines.
  • The ratio of instructors to paddlers ranges from 1:4 on challenging expeditions to 1:8 in gentle waters.
  • Sometimes we decide to cancel our tours / courses if wind and sea conditions are too challenging for the abilities of the group.
  • Our instructors are qualified under the Irish Canoe Union coaching awards scheme.
  • Our guides and instructors excel in their profession and will lead you to the safest paddling locations they know.