icon-toursIn general our sea kayaking day trips are for the moderately fit beginner of all ages. They provide a great way to meet new people and no previous experience in any sort of kayaking or canoeing is necessary. With proper instruction the basic skills of sea kayaking are easy to learn, so with a little instruction and accompanied by one of our guides you can spend the day on the sea where your only concern will be watching the wildlife and the scenery - we’ll take care of the rest!

We use both single and double sea kayaks and supply all the necessary equipment. (If in doubt of what to wear or bring with you on the day, have a look at our FAQ page).

Guided Kayaking Tours

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The trips are set at a relaxed pace - tours will as slow or as fast as you care to go which means that you choose the pace and the distance. Nobody will be left behind! With no more than 8 paddlers in each group personal attention is guaranteed. Your instructors are ever watchful of weather conditions to ensure that this experience, while full of adventure, is at all times safe and comfortable for all members of the group.

Departure times and locations for day-tours vary according to the weather, tides and people’s personal choice of location.

tour-half-dayThis half day introductory trip introduces you to the pleasure of sea kayaking; it might be termed the ‘wine-tasting’ of the sport! It is ideal for beginners or nervous paddlers as it offers you the opportunity to sample all that sea kayaking has to offer in a safe and enjoyable way. Our aim is to provide a relaxing, safe and informative introduction to sea kayaking and to build your confidence while on the water while enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the Waterford coastline.

The day begins with an introductory lesson on the beach on how to sit in, adjust and paddle your kayak. After brief instruction and getting comfortable in the kayak we set off to explore the inlets and caves of the Waterford coastline.

tour-full-dayThis is one of our most popular day-trips. It is designed for beginner and more advanced kayakers alike but, over such a long day, some previous kayaking experience would be an advantage. Our instructors will share the things that they most like to do when they go out for the day which can include: fishing, photography, bird watching, exploring a cave or practising paddling strokes.

The group will set the itinerary in advance with the help of the instructors and you will have a day of fun, relaxation, learning and adventure. This tour is all about having a great day’s craic with your friends in the great outdoors.

tour-copper-coastThe Copper Coast European Geopark runs from Fenor to Stradbally in County Waterford. The Geopark comprises 25 kilometres of spectacular cliffs, rocky inlets of ancient shales baked and twisted by various underwater volcanic intrusions, intertwined with fossiliferous limestones and capped by red desert sandstones. The area is one of 17 designated Geoparks in Europe, the only one in the Republic., and gets its name from the 19th century copper mines that lie at its heart.

This kayaking trip is an ideal way of exploring the spectacular cliffs and caves that dominate the area.

tour-familyOne of our most popular offerings is the family kayaking tour. Our double sea kayaks make it possible for families to paddle together. The double kayak, being longer and wider than a single, is extremely stable and, with two paddlers, is an easy option for young arms. With the kids supplied with small sized buoyancy aids the double is doubly safe and doubly fun. Younger children can keep pace with older siblings and no one feels left out.

The trips will visit caves and sea arches and will take time out for a close-up look at the starfish, sea urchins and all the wonderful marine life to be seen. This is a great opportunity for kids to see the sea creatures of storybook fame up close in a totally unique learning environment.

tour-saltee-islandsThe Saltee Islands are situated 4 miles off Kilmore Quay in Co. Wexford. This is not a trip for beginners but for paddlers with some open water kayaking experience and is designed to help the paddler get better acquainted with the ocean and all it has to offer. The pace of the trip is relaxed and the group will paddle together so that everyone can enjoy a full day on the water. As with all our sea kayaking trips, the visit to the Saltee Islands begins at 10am with a brief chat with one of our guides to establish the itinerary for the day and a recap for those paddling on the importance of staying safe on the water.

The trip takes in both of the Saltee Islands and, as the Great Saltee affords unique opportunities for both bird and wildlife watching.

tour-barrowIf the vast ocean is not for you and you fancy kayaking on more placid waters, why not take our River Barrow tour. This half-day trip takes place on the tidal section of the Barrow between New Ross and St Mullins and is arguably the most beautiful stretch along the whole river.

Within a mile of setting off you are in a great gorge, enveloped with high cliffs covered with endless greenery as the river winds its way through country that can leave one spellbound in its beauty. Along the way wildlife that frequent this fresh water habitat can be seen going about their daily chores and now and then you will see the remains of a castle or tower appearing above the heads of the trees away above you.

tour-suirNow is the chance to admire the scenery that Cromwell and his men never got to see! Waterford Estuary stretches from Cheekpoint to its entrance 10 miles away between Hook Head Co. Wexford and Dunmore East Co. Waterford.

At the launching point in the picturesque village of Passage East the Estuary waters tend to be a little calmer than the open sea so it’s an ideal location for beginners or ‘rusty’ paddlers to re-discover the joys of kayaking. Depending on the tide we’ll either go north towards Cheekpoint and visit Waterford Castle while taking in the Great Island power station along the way or head south and admire Ballyhack Castle, the small fishing village of Arthurstown and on to Duncannon Fort...

tour-henIf it's your job to organise the stag weekend or hen party and you're deciding what to do to make the weekend a memorable trip. Why not come sea kayaking in Co. Waterford - Ireland’s premier stag and hen destination for some memorable outdoor adventure before you hit the town? Seapaddling.com can accommodate stag/hen parties up to approx 12 in number. We specialise in half day sea kayaking tours leaving from locations close to Waterford and Tramore.

A kayaking tour is great ice breaker to get everyone, from the brides and groom's family, friends, school & work colleagues, chatting and laughing especially when everyone in the group has not met before.

tour-corporateA corporate sea kayaking day out can be a great way to reward, rejuvenate and revitalise a team that works hard to put together the products, projects and public face of any company. Our aim is to create a day out of the office where your team can develop their personal relationships and, by doing so, create a more relaxed and productive working team.

We aim to provide a healthy and fun alternative to the classic “work social”. No previous experience of sea kayaking or canoeing is necessary and you don’t have to be super-fit to have a great day out. We will structure the day towards the abilities of your team in order to ensure that everyone feels included and has a fantastic time.