The Seapaddling Difference - We Offer the Best Quality Kayak Tours! has offered a unique sea kayak touring experience in Ireland over the last number of years. The rare beauty and rock formations of the Copper Coast offers the opportunity to paddle into and through caves and sea arches carved out by the constant ebb and flow of the tide. We know, because we and our customers have paddled all over the world, that this corner of the County Waterford coastline can match any scenery in the world and exceed your expectations. A good day's paddling on the Copper Coast makes for memories to last a lifetime. But don't take our word for it - have a look at the photo gallery within the site and see a little of what words can't adequately describe.

Our business is based on our reputation and record for safety and we are dedicated to the care of those who paddle with us. With this as our priority we use the best of instructors and equipment on all of our paddles. Our instructors have extensive expedition and guiding experience while the boats, boyancy aids and other equipment we use is entirely complient with Irish, UK and European safety regulations and requirements. Weather, rivers, tides and the sea are all dangerous to those who fail to appreciate the power of the elements and, while we can't control these any more than you can, our instructors do know how to plan for a paddle that you can be confident is safe and fully and appropriately equipped. This means that you will have a worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed adventure with us.

Nothing Beats an Excellent Reputation:

why2Most of our new guests hear about us from those who have taken kayak trips with us in the past. If you haven't already heard about from a friend read our paddler testimonials on the site. Of course, there are a few more things to consider when choosing a kayaking school so please read on.

It's a Matter of Experience:

We understand how important your leisure time is to you. You can rely on to make your trip with us a memorable success. Our instructors have a wealth of professional kayak instruction and management experience.

Expert Kayak Instructors:

The most important resource you have in the field is your kayak instructor. Our instructors and guides are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. You will find them knowledgeable, enthusiastic, reliable, and above all, fun! Our guides and instructors are chosen not only for their extensive experience in outdoor instruction, but also for their comprehensive knowledge of the local area and all it has to offer.

Health and Safety:

Keeping you safe and well is the number one priority of our guides and instructors. In preparation for this responsibility, all of our instructors have studied coastal navigation, weather forecasting, and tide/current prediction. They possess first aid and CPR certifications and carry an expedition first aid kit, a variety of emergency signal devices, tow ropes, and VHF radios. has an excellent safety record and we have had no occassion to summon outside rescue or medical support which is how we would like to keep it! We are fully insured to cover your medical costs and losses should something unusual happen during your kayak tour with us. However, as in all areas of life, you are also responsible for your own health and safety and with this in mind you must inform us of any health or safety concerns that might particularly relate to you that might not be immediately obvious to us. You are advised to do this while making your booking to ensure that we are informed and properly prepared to care for you during your paddle with us.

why3Instructor/Guest Ratio & Group Size:

Depending on your trip location and group size, you may have one or two instructors leading your trip. The ratio of instructors to paddlers ranges from 1:4 on challenging expeditions to 1:8 in gentle waters. Maximum group size is 10-12 paddlers, again depending on the trip location. Average group size on most tours is 6-8 paddlers. This means that you get plenty of personal attention from our guides and instructors. Small group size also means that we have minimal impact on the shoreline environments that we visit.

Quality Everywhere You Look:

Our sea kayaks are swift, stable and seaworthy craft. Comfort and safety are always the two most important criteria in the selection of the vessels and equipment that we provide to you. National and international standards require us to supply you with the finest quality expedition equipment available and to rotate new gear into use every year. To make sure it all stays in good condition our instructors inspect it before and after every trip.

why4We Take Care of You:

We provide all your specialised paddling gear and safety eqipment. Our guides and instructors excel in their profession and will lead you to the best places they know. Our tours are not races: we travel at the pace of the slowest paddler and so people are never left behind and when possible we attempt to put paddlers of similar experience together so the groups are of equal and even ability. Our reputation rests with you and so we try to provide an experience that will inspire you to tell your friends and entice you back. We are delighted to hear what you think so when you've experienced what we have to offer send us an email or check out our facebook page and tell us and other paddlers all about it!

We specialise in guided sea kayaking tours for people who want to explore the Irish coastline. Individuals, large or small groups catered for.


Our sea kayaking courses are designed to make you a better paddler, offer a comprehensive programme in all the necessary skills in sea kayaking.


Here you should find all you'll ever need to get on the water. All gear will suit from beginner to advanced so please browse the catalogue and give us a call.