questions-answeredWhat if I have not paddled before?

No problem! We take all abilities from complete beginners to paddlers of the highest standard. We structure classes so that paddlers of equal ability are kept together. Your first time in a kayak should be an enjoyable experience and that's our priority. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any concerns.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, but if the thought of being in the water terrifies you completely, it might be a good idea to get a few swimming lessons beforehand. Bear in mind that you will be wearing a buoyancy aid at all times and you will always be accompanied by your instructor. If you are water competent, that is enough (there's nothing wrong with doggy paddling!)- we provide buoyancy aids to all our clients, and capsizes are quite rare, unless you choose otherwise!

The Seapaddling Difference - We Offer the Best Quality Kayak Tours! has offered a unique sea kayak touring experience in Ireland over the last number of years. The rare beauty and rock formations of the Copper Coast offers the opportunity to paddle into and through caves and sea arches carved out by the constant ebb and flow of the tide. We know, because we and our customers have paddled all over the world, that this corner of the County Waterford coastline can match any scenery in the world and exceed your expectations. A good day's paddling on the Copper Coast makes for memories to last a lifetime. But don't take our word for it - have a look at the photo gallery within the site and see a little of what words can't adequately describe.

Our business is based on our reputation and record for safety and we are dedicated to the care of those who paddle with us. With this as our priority we use the best of instructors and equipment on all of our paddles. Our instructors have extensive expedition and guiding experience while the boats, boyancy aids and other equipment we use is entirely complient with Irish, UK and European safety regulations and requirements. Weather, rivers, tides and the sea are all dangerous to those who fail to appreciate the power of the elements and, while we can't control these any more than you can, our instructors do know how to plan for a paddle that you can be confident is safe and fully and appropriately equipped. This means that you will have a worry-free and ultimately unsurpassed adventure with us.

Half day tours including instruction (3.5 hours)

  • Adults: €45 per person (minimum 2 people)tour-half-day
  • Adult group rate (6 or more): €40 per person
  • Adult with own kayak and gear: €30
  • Junior (age 12-17): €35

Full day tours including instruction (10am - 4pm)

  • Adults: €75 per person (minimum 3 people)
  • Adult Group rate (4 or more): €65 per person
  • Adult with own kayak and Gear: €50
  • Juniors: €50 (age 12-17)

Irish Canoe Union Courses (2 days 10am - 4.30pm)

  • Adults: €165 per personcourse-level2
  • Adult group rate (4 persons or more) €150 per person

Single Day Courses (10am - 4.30pm)

  • Adults: €85 per person
  • Adult group rate (4 persons or more) €75 per person

Personal Kayak Training:

  • Private sea kayaking lessons with Mick O’Meara are
    available by appointment all year round.
  • Adults: €65 per hour

Family Rates (half day)Kayaking Group pre safety check on Kilfarrasay Beach Waterford

  • Adults: €40
  • Junior (12-17): €30

Adventure Race Coaching

  • 2.5 hour beginner / stroke improvement session
  • Adults €30 (min 4 people)